Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Life is like a run through the hills. I am in upstate New York with my family this week. My morning runs along the lake through the hills remind me of the never ending ups and downs of life. The only thing that keeps me running up the hills is the sheer bliss and weightless relief of coasting down the other side. Every hill has an up and down. While running, I know this and prepare accordingly. The downhill and flat periods of the run are opportunities to regain strength for the next hill. This should be the same in our daily lives. Times of joy, happiness, and simplicity should be understood as opportunities to strengthen, rejuvenate, refill, and prepare.

Sometimes I find myself expecting that the good times will last forever - obviously a delusion far from reality, most likely fueled by denial of life's inevitable ups and downs. Rather than appreciating the opportunity to grow and strengthen in preparation, I sometimes take the time for granted and grow accustom to the ease and comfort. When life's trials and challenges return, as they always do in various forms, I feel blindsided if not prepared.

Life is hilly. There's no denying it. We can't get too comfortable in any particular state. We will ascend, descend, sometimes plateau, and repeat. We have little control over the trials we will face, but we can control how we choose to face them. I hope to face them with confidence, preparation, strength, and acceptance - knowing the uphill battle eventually leads to liberation and relief.

Attitude is everything. Let's ponder positively, apply continuously, and pass on generously.