Monday, October 5, 2009

The Day Has Come!

Well it is just about midnight and I am leaving for Germany in the morning! I'm anticipating the longest day of my life, as I know the planes will not be able to fly as fast as I'll want them to. That's why I'm bringing Tylenol PM! ;-) I wanted to try staying up most of the night so I can sleep all day while traveling, but I'm way too exhausted. I spent the day busying myself with cleaning and last minute packing and errands. And I also had time to play around on this ridiculous site . Has anyone else tried this, or am I the lone dork here?

The past few days have been a whirlwind of excitement and impatience! I lost my appetite and couldn't sleep much. Now that the time is here, I am feeling back to normal, but still super excited! B is already in Germany waiting for me. We've been able to talk on Skype a ton the past few days, which has been awesome. It's great to actually be able to call him now, rather than always waiting for his calls! Technology really amazes me sometimes. He was able to pack with me, wake up with me in the morning and just hang out and talk to me while I cleaned and scurried around the house. It's been a nice precursor to when I'll actually have him in my arms for real.

I arrive in Frankfurt at 12am (my time, 7 am German time) tomorrow night! I'll post pictures as soon as we return. Thanks to everyone who put up with my crazy anticipation this week and for all of the incredible support these past few months!